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Core i7 6700k [EU]


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For sale a Core i7 6700k. This chip can run memory ay 4266MHz C12-11 tight. I did not try and run PI 32M.


Chip results are

CPUz: 6607MHz

HWBot Prime: 6500-6525MHz

XTU: 6.2GHz.

Cinebench R15: 6.3GHz


4266MHz C12 tight validation: Intel Core i7 6700K @ 3407.94 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR

6607MHz validation: Intel Core i7 6700K @ 6607.81 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR


The chip has a damaged corner but runs fine.






Asking price is €250 (price can be negotiated).

The shipping costs are for the buyer.

Paypall as a friend or bank are prefered.


Edit: I will spent some time abroad so it could be that I react a little slow next week.

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