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[FS] Small hardware sale


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2x2GB Dominator GT 2000MHz CL8 - PSC


two sets, each 2x2GB for 30 euro + shipping


from my experience, they're rather average, but I haven't tested them for clock capability. Guarantee not DOA.


DSC_9688.jpg DSC_9689.jpg


Modded 7900GS, mods list:


- vmem mod

- 8800GTX VRM with connected vsense directly to the back of the core

- two additional capacitors

- removed Primarion chip, which was responsible for OVP at ~1,8V


One result, which I made on this card is below. Consider that, it has been done on HR-03 + 120mm fan :)


Guarantee not DOA. 50 euro + shipping


bartx`s 3DMark2001 SE score: 87060 marks with a GeForce 7900 GS


DSC_9693.jpg DSC_9695.jpg DSC_9696.jpg


8800GTX vrms... 3 of them were made for my friends, who never picked it up... I'm looking only for return of my expenses.


30 euro/piece including wires (8GA)


VGPU is working, VMEM needs removal of one resistor, which I'll do before shipping. They need vsense to be connected to the card - I'll provide the schematic. Boards don't have any short cicuits - cut using endmill on my CNC.


8GA wires - 2 euro/1m, I have couple meters I think


DSC_9690.jpg DSC_9691.jpg DSC_9692.jpg


P5E3 Deluxe @ 660 FSB, mods list:


- vcore mod

- cap mod on the back

- P5E3 Premium bios

- voltage display (very convinient, especially with P5E3 Premium bios, which can mess vcore)


75 euro




DSC_9680.jpg DSC_9682.jpg DSC_9684.jpg DSC_9686.jpg


Prices does not include shipping. Bank transfer preffered, paypal gift is fine too.

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