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Temperature Monitoring.


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Since this is a ambient comp, I assume we must have temperature readings included in our verification screenshots.


Would CoreTemp (with the latest update for ryzen support) be suitable for temperature monitoring or is the de facto HWInfo and HWMonitor only accepted?

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Hello websmile, I want to ask.


For the temperature monitoring, what temp sensor on the HWInfo would be used as reference? Since Ryzen have tCTL & tDIE.

And what minimum allowed temps? 20 / 25 Celcius?


1 more question, it is allowed for me as Enthusiast league member to enter the Ryzen 7 class for the lucky draw only? (while I'm competing in Ryzen 5 class simultaneously.)


Thanks for the answer. :)

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I use the lower value shown as it is the real one. Temperature limit is 25 degrees, this is now our standard goal but good you asked because I forgot to add it explicitly. Also for the future, unless stated otherwise, it is always 25°. On ryzen 7 for lucky draw, this is no problem bc all leagues are allowed for 7

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