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  1. Welcome back G.SKILL OCWC! Just out of my curiosity, Why still on Windows 10 and not the Windows 11? Thanks
  2. Hey Seby thanks for the BIOS, Did you have BIOS for BCLK OC + AVX-512 enabled for some i3 12100 4c fun? Or it is not possible with Z790 boards? My Z690 Apex sadly has damaged for rebenching that category. Many thanks & congrats for the 14th Gen Day-1 records on Asus HQ.
  3. You're not missing something, it's AMD and still persist & same behavior on latest BIOS. LoL
  4. Video: https://youtu.be/7gJMvzf674Q Plz Like, Comment, Subscribe! xD
  5. Finally can get g4 running after 3 f*n weeks. But this on ES CPU. Don't know with retail. LoL
  6. Want to share my BIOS collection for z690 / z790 Apex I can found before 1 March. Mostly found on HWBot Forum, bianbao . dev & OCN forums. Some are user modded for older uCode. File are numbered. Based on it's release date / time I found it. So HOPEFULLY it is in correct chronological order. Maximus Z690 Apex BIOS Maximus Z790 Apex BIOS
  7. Country Season / Country Career rank. Since we can't see yester-year rank on both career & season. (Or there's any method to see this history?) It would be helps to keep track what ever we achieve in the country rank.
  8. Pls add MSI MEG Z790 Godlike. Lucky_n00b`s Cinebench - R20 score: 20281 cb with a Core i9 13900K (hwbot.org)
  9. Thanks to MSI and AMD Indonesia also Lucky_n00b for the support! :)
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