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  1. Have try 3900X, 3950X & 3500X. The 3500X turned out have the best FCLK capability based on MSI. (Just need 1.1v for 1900 FCLK there), the other two need around 1.15v+. πŸ˜… G.Skill Neo 3800c14 1.5v kit BDie. The setting is just to attempt / replicate XMP setting with 1900 FCLK up & running, all auto. Then, passed the memtest, just like I pass with MSI Board. At C8I vSOC Auto is at 1.1v when running at 1900 FCLK. But I've try up to 1.35v vSOC & messing with VDDG, like I said before. Just have the workaround few days ago, Load XMP (DOCP) -> set FCLK 1900 -> minimize BCLK 1 step. BOOT, enter OS. Set back the BCLK to 100MHz. All voltage are auto with this setting, vDIMM is 1.5v set by XMP. Memtest passed. With another way, I can't POST / enter the OS like previously. It's works somehow, but must have workaround for this simple requirement & can't just load XMP & set FCLK 1900, that passed flawlessly in the other board, on this WR maker board just bumped me out. πŸ˜…πŸ˜† Or just the silicon angel not at my side this time.. LoL Thanks for the response. πŸ˜ƒ
  2. Hi, I just have time to mess with this Zen2 & C8I & C7H again when my TridentZ Neo arrived. But I have strange issue, have 2 CPUs that can run FCLK 1900 (one at just 1.1vSOC) validated on X570 Godlike & low end board MSI B450 VDH+, passed memtest flawlessly (DDR4-3800 at 1900 FCLK 1:1 UCLK). Back in Asus board I happen 1866 FCLK wall. At best I boot & see Windows logo start up and then keep rebooting. The other CPU just not pass POST at all (with IF issue POST code appear). And I have like DDR4-4600+ish suicide dual channel. When in the Godlike I hit DDR4-4800 fairly easy. I've messing with vSOC, VDDG, PCIe Gen, disable enable onboard device, trade NVMe to SATA, Timing, VRM settings, changing DRAM, reflash the BIOS (Tried BIOS flashback & EZ flash). So far no go. BIOS is official 1302, didn't really want to downgrade the version, as I see the other didn't have the issue, and for try to make the write up of this G.Skill Neo as a Ryzen kit, using the latest BIOS, software that officially available. πŸ˜ƒ First I've seen that different board can alter the FCLK speed achieved. 😡 Any ideas? Thanks. πŸ˜€
  3. DDR4-3800 is fairly high / top end for Zen2 when running 1:1 (FCLK:UCLK) scenario for best performance (latency) for daily. You can try to mess with the timing to further improve the overall system latency, you can try to replicate higher DRAM bin settings. Like, try to match the XMP settings of TridentZ Neo 3600 / 3800 c14-16-16. For high frequency I've try like DDR4-4400+ with loosen timing (c18++). But not all MBs, DRAM, or maybe CPUs run that high for daily.
  4. Maybe you can look up into the Crosshair VIII Thread, the variable & step / workaround is similar. 07 is Fabric (IF / FCLK) issues, when cold FCLK has CB / CBB you must mess with vSOC, VDDP & lower FCLK clock to compromise within the performance & CB.
  5. Good score! Do you think there is much left in the tank? BCoz it seems good performer in ambient. πŸ˜ƒ
  6. Whoa... So much tips! Thanks @FireKillerGR & Asus OC Team! Congratulations for the killer result on D-Day! πŸ˜ƒ 1 silly question from me is, Why must 4095W & 255.5A? Not the usual 4096W & 255.75A, IIRC on the previous Gen settings?! Any flag will triggered when I put the maxxed out settings like before? Thanks again.. πŸ™‚
  7. My city, Capital city of Jakarta is an epidemic epicenter in here so far. Crisis seems still in it's early stages & increasing, non essential business told to close the office / WFH starting this week. It's planned for the next 2 weeks or more. Haven't checked my LN2 supplier more than 1 month right now, since they didn't have delivery services for low volume buyers like me. But is expected to be more difficult.
  8. Hello, anyone have guide to setup Windows 7 for X570 + Zen2 (Ryzen 3rd Gen)? Or kind-hearted enough to share the working Win7 installer ISOs / installation images (like Acronis .tib file) to restore to? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€ I have Win7 image that work flawlessly with X370 / X470 MBs + Ryzen 2nd Gen, but isn't working properly in X570 + Zen2. I can't have any USB working on this new platform. And sometimes it has booting issue. πŸ˜• I had slipstreaming new USB3 driver to my Win 7 installer ISO but didn't work. And I heard this method already doesn't work anymore?! And we must use / install another (modded?) USB3 driver after Win 7 installation? How? Can I get the stuff? Thanks for helps.. ☺️😊
  9. For the widest compatibility (Athlon GE up to 3950X) these days, I'd go with ROG Crosshair VII Hero. X470. Nice / decent board for benching AM4 platform or even just daily setups. It has BCLK OC for sure but lacks of dual BIOS & DISPLAY OUT though IIRC. Or You can go with Crosshair VI Hero for lower price. IDK though if we can find it in new condition & covered by warranty.
  10. Ah, the usual GBT voltage limit for the AM4 board. Wanna try some APUs benching on the GBT board soon, maybe the ITX board. Thanks mate for your info. πŸ˜ƒ
  11. Great score. Is any voltage limit on this board? And is any GTL working for this board? Can you share it? Thanks
  12. Nice score! Is there any voltage limit in this board? And is there tuning utility in the windows? And did you observe power consumed when graphic test running at this setting?
  13. So you can install Win7 with Win10 USB by change the install.wim, eh? Or we use 2 flash drive simultaneously to install the Win7? 1 is Win10 & the another 1 flash drive containing Win7?
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