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  1. IvanCupa

    AMD GPU LOD in DX10 & Higher

    Ah yes, Okay. So I'm not too noob.
  2. Hello everyone..! I just want to ask simple & noob question, Is there any workaround to make LOD tweaks working on AMD card for DX10 and higher? Have spent hours to search & trying. Thank you all..!
  3. New, diligent & resourceful member can boost their point via Novice Nimble & Rookie Rumble tho.. And maybe surpass the poor Extreme / enthusiast / apprentice point with ease. Since these guy league only can participate in Division / sponsored comps in HWBot. *If these comps still managed, haha I'll vote to include Comps point but with limited number. - E.g. 15 highest comps point of your HWBot account history.
  4. Whoa...! now we need Geekbench savefile score hack. 😁
  5. IvanCupa

    GALAX GOC 2018 online qualifier thread

    Hi, I seem to notice that CPU-Z 1.86 sometimes not show SPD (1.85 is fine), and even the validation sometimes doesn't show SPD on this CPU-Z version. Since we have to validate on CPU-Z 1.86 from Maximum Memory clock stage, Anyone else got same problem of missing SPD?
  6. IvanCupa

    GALAX GOC 2018 online qualifier thread

    So, it will be the total TS & TSE score counts for the ranking? Just like normal HWBot ranks for TS & TSE? Not the GT score only?! This change makes the (my) setup very different, hahah 😄
  7. Hello guys, I wanna ask can we use the "MOCF MOD-ed" CPU for another board like Apex? Will it burn or destroy something?! 😁😅 Thanks...
  8. IvanCupa

    GALAX GOC 2018 online qualifier thread

    Ah OK. 1 more question to making sure the things.., I must include GPUz window in 2D benchmark submission to verify we are using the Galax RTX 2080Ti ?! Because i think there's no Windows XP driver for RTX at the moment (if someone use Windows XP capable boards for 2D benchmarks). Thus, GPUz will show Generic 'Microsoft Basic Display Adapter' detection. Thanks for the answer. 😃😄
  9. IvanCupa

    GALAX GOC 2018 online qualifier thread

    Hi, Just wanna ask about memory restrictions rule, which is "Galax HOF OC Lab Edition DDR4 4600 CL 19 only". So i assume with this rule, all submission to this competition must use the Galax HOF OC Lab Edition DDR4 4600 CL 19 only? Or can I use another GALAX memory for 3D submmision? - For 2D benchmarks can we use another brand / GALAX VGA? Like GT 730?! - For TS & TSE is it total score / graphics score only? If graphics score only, can I run as a custom run?!
  10. Hello, I have dead MOCF, it can't turn on & no life sign at all. It dead after ~6X LN2 session with KBL to do some SuperPi & memory clock benching. Is there any workaround to resurrect the board? Since I want to try the CFL on MOCF mod. 😄 I've clean all the dielectric grease on the board and also do what RULE method he share on his Facebook (short the PS_ON pin) to revive the board, but isn't worked to my case. Or is it mean I must search for another 2nd hand MOCF?! 😁 Since is so hard to find the new one. 😭 Thanks.
  11. Hello, I want to ask a little late (silly) question. How to use the slowmode switch on MOCF? I flipped the switch & nothing happened. (7700K, BIOS L7.21B, LN2 mode disabled). Does it only work when LN2 switch enabled? I'm afraid to enable the LN2 mode on air. It might instantly apply LN2 voltage settings, right? Thanks for the answer.
  12. IvanCupa

    Temperature Monitoring.

    Hello websmile, I want to ask. For the temperature monitoring, what temp sensor on the HWInfo would be used as reference? Since Ryzen have tCTL & tDIE. And what minimum allowed temps? 20 / 25 Celcius? 1 more question, it is allowed for me as Enthusiast league member to enter the Ryzen 7 class for the lucky draw only? (while I'm competing in Ryzen 5 class simultaneously.) Thanks for the answer.
  13. IvanCupa

    GIGABYTE Summer Spectacular 2017 Discussion

    Hello, I just want to ask, Why are submission page of extreme & ambient class not separated? It's deliberately by design? Or any another reason? Thanks for the answer.