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[Apraissal] Msi 980 Ti Asic 85.7%


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Hi fellow overclockers. Due to the fact that mining has taken all the new cards from the stores,what price can i get for this beauty ?

It has Full Ek waterblock and backplate,also original box and cooling,minus the screws...













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Guest Sinebrychof
Not sure if it helps at all but I recently spent $220 (including shipping) for a 980ti classy kpe with asic of around 75% iirc


Where did you get for this price Stefan?

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Hiya Luumi!

$224.50 eBay Item Number 292086079755


In Eu you can sell now a 1070 for 500€ the same as Amd 580.


Wow...that's pricey. Taking a look around, looks like these cards are going for around $400

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