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[FS] X99 and 1080 Ti


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Asus RVE 10 Edition, benched with eraser insulation on the socket side and LET on the back side.

Purchased from Newegg on 2/20/17. Comes with full retail package.


Asus RVE (original), benched with vaseline on this board. Currently being used as a daily driver.

Purchased second hand from a friend.


Asus Strix OC version of GTX 1080 Ti, full retail package. Still has the static plastic cover on the backside. Purchased from Newegg on 5/9/17 SOLD



RVE 10: $300 shipped

RVE OG: $175 shipped

1080 Ti: $775 shipped. SOLD


PayPal for payment.

International buyers are welcome, but are responsible for all shipping and customs fees.





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