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i7-7700K (Decent*) + APEX


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Hi lads,

I have a i7-7700K that I run 5.2 GHz daily (2 AVX offset) @ watercooling, it can bench at around 5.55GHz watercooled, depending on ambient temperature.


CB15 @ 5.48GHz at 22C ambient (as I recall*)


Along it is an ASUS APEX board.


I never used the chip for competitive benching, and don't know how it does under cold, yet, if room reaches 26C, it does cost more than 100MHz, so, it is indeed temp sensitive.


I'd like to get a clue on how much the combo is worth... I am very tempted to swap to 6C/12T X299 setup, but not if the loose of the current is too massive.





NB: Items are in Denmark.

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