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PenileContortionist - Ryzen 7 1800X @ 4000MHz - 21sec 680ms PiFast


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Hey man - windows 8 and 10 actually aren't allowed for pifast as there's a bug in the OS that makes it possible to cheat by tricking the timekeeping. Could you rerun on 7 or XP? Otherwise this score will get removed when the competition closes and people's verifications are checked.


You might also be able to get a better score with the tweaks suggested on the /r/overclocking wiki: https://www.reddit.com/r/overclocking/wiki/hwbot/2d#wiki_pifast

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Damn, my mobo doesn't allow bus clock tweaking though, is this something that I can dispute if I include mainboard tab in my screens? Or do they not care and just blanket block any hardware they know is affected?


I'm just tooling around with my beefy daily driver, I don't really have a bench setup.


In theory it should be ok if you include proof (ie cpu-z mainboard tab in the verification screenshot) that you're using a mobo without bclk tuning, although I have heard of ryzen results on 8/10 being removed anyway.

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