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Best GPU for high PCIe clock?


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Hello, I recently got into x58, and am currently benching a couple of Xeons. I recently ordered myself an x58a-oc to replace my Rampage II Extreme - if it actually manages to outperform it; I think currently I'm limited by how far I can go with the PCIe clock on my GPU though. My GTX 670 maxes out at 118 MHz PCIe (which brings me to 261.23 BCLK (https://valid.x86.fr/gn3eyb)), and I would like to go further in the future once the new board arrives, but given the usual x58 behaviour on that I suspect I won't be able to go much further with my current GPU.

I've read somewhere that AMD cards are usually able to handle a bit more PCIe clock? Is that worth investigating?

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On 4/1/2018 at 11:11 PM, Luumi said:

Use the 3rd party sata 6gb ports and you can go further, usually 135.

Gonna give that a try once I get around to it. As of now, it seems like with 125 on both boards my x58a-oc fails ahead of my Rampage II, though given that both boards seem to be within margin of error, so I suspect I'm limited by the CPU. Just picked up 40 more CPUs, I'm gonna give beating x58 BCLK records another go...

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I have an 8600 GT by now that handles 135 PCIe, though I’m gonna keep an eye out for those. 

Btw, how is scaling under cold with BCLK? I have 1 CPU that does 269.65 under air and another that does about 260 (though not nearly as stable)

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