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Z170M OC Formula, Asrock 4CoreDual-Sata2, Supertalent Project X DDR3


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this is the first thread of my big cleanout. Let´s start:

1. Asrock Z170M OC Formula

mint condition, almost like new. never been under cold. only air in my desktop pc. comes with all accessories and so on.

20180311_155233lossk.jpg 20180311_1552560tsyr.jpg 20180311_155336absmm.jpg 20180311_155359hqsz0.jpg

200€ plus shipping to your country.


2. Asrock 4CoreDual-Sata2

good condition. comes with original package and a good amount of accessories, including the io shield. never been under cold. great for benching old agp cards with powerful 775 quad cores.

20180311_15500894sx5.jpg 20180311_155048e6saa.jpg 20180311_15521195s7d.jpg

70€ plus shipping to your country.


3. 3x2gb Supertalent Project X 2000c7 + 1x2gb Supertalent Project X 2000c7

good condition. was installed as a quad kit in my z97 office pc. originally they are a tripple kit plus a single stick. but can be devided into two dual kits.

20180311_1547393nscg.jpg 20180311_154747e5sm2.jpg 20180311_1548117qsoq.jpg 20180311_154938lqshk.jpg

100€ for a dual kit or 50€ per stick plus shipping to your country.


Coming Soon:

More Elpida Hyper (Corsair, G.Skill, Kingston 1GB Sticks)

Gigabyte P55 UD7 full Package

Rampage 3 Black Edition

Lot´s more....


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