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i7-7700K & IX APEX [EU]


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Lookin' to try something new - despite that I don't drink coffee, I feel like going for coffee...
The chip, at slightly chilled temperature (open window) is capable of 5400MHz+ CB15, watercooled...

Here are some score made with the CPU, watercooled...

Not sure about price, so I'll gladly hear your guys.
Oh and... 5200/5000, P95 (8/8) and P95 AVX (8/8), it'll do too - considering thats been my daily setting.

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7 minutes ago, Gigelz said:

You must give us a price.

Kinda hoped that you guys could help me out on that one :-)
Is 500E for the combo rude? (plus shipping), it is one of the better chips, however, not looking to earn profit on transition to new platform.

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