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[FS] Strong 8600K (great core strong IMC) + Gskill ram!


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Up for sale two items i do not need anymore:


1. 8600K, bought half-pretested on ebay, turned out to be even better than what i expected still i have better so i will let it go. 

5400 cinebench on watercooling standard ambient with 1.39V set in bios llc6 easy. Delidded with grizzly kryonaut (not liquid metal). My estimations are 6900-6930 geekbench on ln2 based on other cpu's corellation between water==>ln2 results.

Very strong IMC , validated close to 5100 air which is only what 3 pieces of 40+ would do. 4133 12-11-11 49-50-6-6 rtl on ambient cooling easy.

Cpu comes tray but it is listed as box on intel website so it should have easy warranty.


Price is 350Eur shipped in Europe, if you want express 2-3 working days shipping i can arrage that but at a different cost for sure.


2. Gskill 2x8 3600 C16 kit, bought without HS from watercooling maniac, do 4150 12-11-11 tight 2.05V Geekbench in loop. 

Price: 300E shipped in Europe.


Outside Europe shipping possible, contact me to check options. Payment via paypal buyer takes care of fees or send as friends.









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