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Questions about how to Hwbot

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I have several questions:


-How do you change a team captain?


-How does the reporting of validation disabled?


I noticed that some of my scores are downgraded, and it is not always justified.

Now I try to correct my mistakes.

For cons, I see no derating when I signal a problem, often function active x enabled.


And how do you get when you can not prove the validity of the score, some have been doing long ago, even posted recently?


"I think to activate the active x, this is not always clear:


1 of 3Dmark 2003 with a GTX 570 has enabled the physicx!


thanking you

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Physx does nothing in 03' or pretty much any other bench with the exception of vantage. Even with vantage, you can disable physx in the vantage options and it will still show as enabled in the gpu-z screen shot. Based on the cpu score alone, you would know if physx was enabled for a vantage run.

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Yes. The only place PhysX is mentioned in rules is under 3DMark Vantage.


Having it enabled will not improve scores for any other 3D benchmark on HWBot, which is why it is not prohibited on the others.


Sam, Only benchmark that is prohibited PhysX is the Vantage, because it gives an unrealistic score on the CPU.


In the other 3D benchmark makes no difference ;)


Forbidden PhysX = 3DMark Vantage

Allowed PhysX = 3DMark'01, 03, 05, Aquamark, Unigine Heaven DX9, and DX11






Ps: C'mon Sam 35 reports in 3Dmark'03 only, (physX enable)....is too much :eek:

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