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Frito - DDR SD-RAM @ 283.2MHz - 283.2 MHz Memory Frequency


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Leeg it won't let me edit to add pics of the mem sticks, likely not my last sub anyways but in case you can edit it properly here's the picture https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/330332279710810112/475806392922406915/20180805_162136_Large.jpg
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??? what the heck lmao whos vanno, anyways @richba5tard or @Leeghoofd ever sense the move to these forums my hwbot site account vs here has been screwed up, maybe my fault because i somehow had two hwbot accounts under frito and frito11 (never used frito11,  forgot password or something and made frito. anyways if you can sort it out whenever you have time Frito should be my one and only account across all hwbot things. 

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