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Some faulty GPUs I need some help with


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Hello all :D Every now and again, I end up with a few things that I can't fix. This is one of those times.

These aren't benching cards, just things that pass through my hands. Any ideas or help would be appreciated :)

1/ Asus GTX570 DCUII

vCore = 0

vGDDR = 0.51v

No signs of damage. Fuses have been replaced. 12V inputs are fine. FB, OCP, 3.3v and vCC input values for both vCore and vGDDR are as expected, so no obviously damaged components there.

Both controllers and their surrounding areas have had a pass from a Hot Air Station in case of dried-out solder joints.


2/ Asus GTX580 DCUII

vCore = 0

Same as above.


3/ MSI GTX560Ti-448. PWM RUNS HOTTER THAN HELL, even during post and OS load. Can't touch it after even a few seconds. Voltages are normal. Never seen anything like this before.


4/ GTX275. Voltages are normal. Monitor comes out of standby when PC powers up, but no display.



Any ideas for any of the above would be welcome :)



EDIT: Ha! Just by typing that out, I had a couple of ideas for the Asus cards. Writing things down definitely helps!



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