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[FS] G.Skill Strong B-die !


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Up for sale is my reliable benching set i used in last 2 years .

I only sell these as a pack.

#1 4133 Trident-Z 19-21-21 F4-4133C19D-16GTZA

Best kit of 100 personal binning. Very low voltage kit, you are looking at 4000 12-11 1.81-2V and 4133 1.94V for s-pi 32m. wazza

Together they do 4140 12-11 Wazza, one stick has low voltage tolerance for S-pi 32M so it stops at 4140 1.94V, the other stick is literally retard scaling up to 2.04V and reaching 4240. I don't have screens from the single channel testing but i will refund the buyer if this stick ( S/N ending 957) does not meet expectations.  Geekbench scaling is good for both sticks ==> 4240 12 11 11 working easy

The kit has original H/S mounted and never removed, they perform better when little cold and most likely with perfect temp control these results will be improved. I never removed H/S for warranty reasons.

#2 4133 Trident-Z 19-25-25 F4-4133C19D-16GTZ

Old and very rare kit, the first 4133 kits produced by Gskill, iirc only a dozen were up for sale. I bought these from a forum member and the h/s was removed before. After few weeks one stick died and G.Skill warranty sharp eye noticed the removal of h/s, so the warranty was denied. 

So one stick is dead and one is alive and kicking. Does 4150 12 12 wazza 2V and 4260+ geek 12-11

Most of the times i used the stick with S/N ending 957 from #1 together with this stick. They maxxx out when little bit frozen at 4280 12-11-11 Geekbench and 4300 XTU. The best thing is they have no typical b-die slow-boot when they are around or under 12 degrees, so you can train very fast 4200 12-11 without wasting precious time.


The price for whole package is 400E shipped in Europe. I will not sell separately #1 kit so no need to ask this. Can also shipp to other continents so feel free to ask.

payment via paypal or bank account, buyer takes cares of taxes or sends as friend.









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