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(FS-EU)2 G.Skill DDR4 sets


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up for sale are two very good DDR4-Ram kits. Binning is over for a while as well as hardware tresting, so these can go. I can provide more screens but only posted one per kit to avoid overloading the thread



1. 2x16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200 C15-15-15-35 1.35v

Samsung B-die, two single sticks (S, single stick warranty) that were combined to be the best 2x16gb kit I had so far. I did not push much volts into these, results varied from not minimized 3600 C15 1,35v to 3866 C16 1,35v up to 4133 C18 1,35v on apex X, I checked a bot more on Apex XI now to see board capability and memory quality. Results were DDR4-4200 C14 1,65-1,67v tight all benchmarks incl. Spi, GB3 and CBs, 4200 c16 Tight 1,45-1,47v and 4200 C19 1,35v (not minimized). There is a lot more in this kit and for a gaming system these should be awesome, and for bench use they are also useful due to dual rank.



2. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z red DDR4-4133 C19-19-19-39 1,35v

Samsung B-die, genuine dual kit, tested on apex x for 4200 12-12 gb3, xtu and cb at 2,08v, maxed out 4260 12-12 2,14v for me (also GB3 stable). I did a very fast check on apex XI, 4266 C12-12 tight bot and cb15 no problem but fails gb3 at 2,14v, not more tested. In box with sticker



3. 2x8GB Kingston Predator DDR4-4133 C19-23-23-45 1.35v

Brand new, B-die, only purchased to crosscheck my new platform. The kit did better than expected, on apex XI easy 4133 12-11 GB3 etc (limit at 4240) at around 2.05v, 4266 12-11 only worked for Cinebenches though for me (voltages not minimized bc I did a scaling test at same time), all 2T because of A2 platform limitations. For bug-lovers, they also do 4800 14-13 gb3 at a fast test and I was able to make fast direct boot at around 4870 14-14 but failed gb, I did try only once and have impression this might work with decent imc and 1,8 salike some guys love to use :3



1. 300 Euros+shipping

2. 250 Euros+shipping

3. 275 Euros+shipping sold


Payment with paypal (buyer covers fees or gift) or bank transfer in germany. I have no option to ship cheap outside of EU anymore obviously bc deutsche Post  seems to have skipped option to insure goods sent abroad so I decided to sell inside eu only, I do not pay 50 euros for package to usa or china (or more) and I do not want to take risk of sending without insurenace or tracking. In case you are willing to take this chance or pay that much, feel free to drop a pm...

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