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Fasttrack - DDR4 SDRAM @ 2401.3MHz - 2401.3 MHz Memory Frequency

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49 minutes ago, websmile said:

George´s kit :D - good to see you give them a go, shipping took that long again that I thought htey sent them to bulgaria again :/

Nope, the kit arrived in due time :)

It is indeed a pain to reach 4800 / 14-3-13-28-2T. On Apex XI it needs 2.02V in bios. Have not yet managed to configure best settings in thirds and RTL-IOL, although I have

saved your published profile. Good thing is that all my three cpu's ( I5-8600K, I7-8700K and I9-9900K ) have superb IMC and can cope with these settings.

Unfortunately Apex does not play well with A2 pcb in tight timings and 1T. Shame that such a board ( both Apex X and Apex XI ) suffer in this.

Fortunately the Galax Oc Lab set is a similar miracle ( 4200 / 12-11-11-28-1T / tight as hell ) with 2.04V.

So the pair ( A1 - Galax / A2 - G.Skill ) cover every need 110%. Memory's lover heaven.


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