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[FS] EU 9900K 6871+ R15 , APEX XI, Galax HOF GPU Pot for RTX Cards


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Hi Folks.

i have  some stuff for sale here.


#1  decent 9900K Batch L906D110 Boxed under full warrenty

CPU can run 6871+ R15 all core HT. With more tweaking and maybe better Pot 6900 will be possible.

I did one run at 6900 with old KPC F1 Dark pot but sadly not screened .

61218398_10402792928275kzv.png img_20190526_1942018tjsp.jpg



#2 GALAX HOF GPU Pot for RTX Cards

used a few times with Dice and LN2. In good condition with all screws and nuts.

I tried to fix some new holes for multiple mounting, but i failed. Pot can be used without any Problems.

img_20190615_062852fkjr8.jpg img_20190615_062911q5j5h.jpg



3# ASUS Apex XI Z390

Used a few times under LN2. Board is not insulated and in good condition as well. Fully funktionable, with full Box and all accessoires.





#2  SOLD



PayPal or Bank transfered, buyer covers fees.

DE Shipping 5,90€

EU Shipping DHL 15,90€


Disaclaimer !

This is a Private sale, no Warrenty or Returns by me. All Parts are in good condition working realy fine !


Cheers P5ych0




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8 hours ago, Hardware_Numb3rs said:

Does the 9900K have CB ?

there was no CB ... lvl 3 Bandwidth


But this CPU is sold. Payment recieved today


Items sold, can be closed here....thanks for Space HWBOT

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