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AOC - 2600K and ram@LN2


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Yesterday the AOC (me, 7ornado and TheKing) had the first session with Sandy@LN2... it has been a great day, for the results and for the fun as well :D

We had only 2d benches, because after 5 hours of ln2, we spotted water around the socket zone, so the mobo refused to post... a day or two and it will be ok :)


Here we go!



Let's start with the 32M: Server2003 installed, no Waza, no maxmem ecc, we obtained this:

6m 20,937sec RAM@1184@9-12-9-24 Trfc80



At this time, we couldn't scale more with the Kingston kit so 7ornado told me "come on, let's pass to another bench, those kingston sticks aren't going to go anywhere better than this"... "Uhmm... no, we must have those sticks go even if they aren't so good! Let's mount our Ram Pot!".

And here it is... :D

(audio is of course in Italian, but don't worry, we were saying really stupid things :D)





CAS from 9 to 8, 0,5 seconds better...



Going on... 7-11-9-24, Trfc80



Given that 32M is sensible to ram frequencies, why don't we try some strange combination of bclk/ram frequency?

And here we go again :D

Ram@2270mhz at 9-13-9-21 but this time BCLK@106.4MHz and multi at 50x!



Nervousism incoming :D :asd:



Our last step with the 32M, multi at 49x, BCLK@108.6 32M stable!!!!

Final time, without Copy Waza, 6min 19.219sec, ram@2300MHz at 10-13-10-21! (definitely we need better chips, Hyper maybe :) )



We were so happy being stable at 32M at 108.6mhz BCLK, so we tried the max bclk frequency... I can say it's 109.2MHz, the validate is coming later today :)

This is a good BCLK freq, 8 place in 2600K rankings :)


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Ehy leeg, thanks mate! :)

We are very satisfied with that mobo!

The only weird thing is that today it blocks during post sequence with code "58" when I try to use one of the first two slots near to the socket.

Everything well if I use one or both the "external" slots...

Any idea?

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I didn't open a new thread just because it's an update.

We changed the cpu and the rams, so this is our last run at 32M:



Tonight we'll try to go under 6mins by playing with subtimings!

We had no luck trying to use the 2400mhz ram setting... :(

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