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Videocard specifications requests : ADD Radeon HD 3750


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Maxi I have question to you.

Why some of the cards are already in database and some cards/request not??

I request to add 2 cards about 1 month ago and SArd request few days ago and his request are already added.WTF???????????????

Pls expalin me why is like that??You just don't like me or what,what about other users who still waiting as well.This is NOT FAIR mate!!!!!

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Yes, we add hardware based on how much we like the requesting user. In fact, in the crew forums, there is a list of all the people we really dislike and we agreed by consensus that those people will never be helped out in a friendly way, let alone adding hardware to our database.




I happen to have a bit of time left the previous days and I worked on the helpcenter tickets services, adding as much hardware as time allowed me to do. I didn't look at the date of the request, I just tried to add as much as possible to satisfy as much users as possible.


You can choose what explanation you like best. The first one is pure sarcasm, the second one the actual truth.

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Ok mate,thank you for answer I understand :)

I see the cards are already added :),but could you make a separate categorie for 8600gt 128mb,because all 8600GT 256mb moved now to 128mb categorie -that would be great


Many thanks Massman


Edit: cheers one more time

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