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  1. There are 0.2 points in at Hardware points https://gyazo.com/88e7642a36c8111b7a1a112fa2dc1bd8
  2. Hey. Something broke. Pay attention to the situation Please https://hwbot.org/benchmark/pifast/rankings?start=0&hardwareTypeId=processor_1511#start=0#interval=20 https://gyazo.com/88e7642a36c8111b7a1a112fa2dc1bd8
  3. I understand. Therefore, I'm waiting calmly. You can do it! The main thing is that points are now correctly accrued
  4. When can you fix it? I have been waiting since April. https://gyazo.com/aefdc4dfbff218590d3f1a86ab31c2de
  5. A small update for subscribers) viper-rd - entered the team. His points are displayed correctly. Amount Points is also correct https://gyazo.com/544a256fd8e63d7df324c32d17c7927f https://gyazo.com/6547a853d792434cb03c108e3722a605 The level of motivation has grown!
  6. Thank you, TerraRaptor. Good advice. We will try.
  7. And who can? I feel some hopelessness from what is happening! P.S. Thanks for answering. It seemed that you are writing in the void.
  8. I recalled a joke. Doctor's appointment: - Doctor, you know, everyone ignores me. - All clear. Following!
  9. Hey. In 2012, I downloaded result to my profile one last time and only after 7 years returned to the hwbot again. A new team has appeared. We have grown up over this time, like our children. We again began to overclocking HW and rejoice at the achievements achieved. And each new member adds points to the team’s piggy bank! But! Friends. There are two points that reduce our motivation and raise questions. *** 1. Since April of this year, we have been waiting for Achievements to appear on the team. Now it flaunts "0". I wrote about this in a personal message to one of the members of the hwbot team. But so far we see "0". 2. viper-rd joined the team three days ago. But team points are still not recounted. At the same time, the team’s profile shows that in TPP it has “0” - (hmm, I’ve already seen this figure somewhere ) - and in its profile is 6.016.1 And if you manually calculate all our TPPs, you get 20.803 (this is 57th place on this day). But hwbot still shows that we have TPP 15.803 and we are in 72nd place. *** Friends, please deal with this. This directly affects our motivation. You bench, invest resources and time - but there is no progress) Maybe I can help you with something? Because I relate to hwbot not just like some kind of resources. And as to something dear already. We have been with you for 12 years! We even want to order t-shirts for bench sessions ) https://gyazo.com/142241462fc41521cba89bda62e7833b
  10. Hey. During overclocking the GTS 250 and running the Aquamark test, I did not save the file. But there is a screenshot. And this is the second place! What can be done? The video card is already taken apart and I'm not sure that I will return to it soon again.
  11. Now it remains to deal with Aqua. And you will be super well done.
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