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  1. Hey. System Info has been disabled. But when I loading the result, it again writes “Invalid data file: Unable to parse the datafile”. It makes me very angry! What to do? 420224.hwbot
  2. There are 0.2 points in at Hardware points https://gyazo.com/88e7642a36c8111b7a1a112fa2dc1bd8
  3. Hey. Something broke. Pay attention to the situation Please https://hwbot.org/benchmark/pifast/rankings?start=0&hardwareTypeId=processor_1511#start=0#interval=20 https://gyazo.com/88e7642a36c8111b7a1a112fa2dc1bd8
  4. I understand. Therefore, I'm waiting calmly. You can do it! The main thing is that points are now correctly accrued
  5. When can you fix it? I have been waiting since April. https://gyazo.com/aefdc4dfbff218590d3f1a86ab31c2de
  6. A small update for subscribers) viper-rd - entered the team. His points are displayed correctly. Amount Points is also correct https://gyazo.com/544a256fd8e63d7df324c32d17c7927f https://gyazo.com/6547a853d792434cb03c108e3722a605 The level of motivation has grown!
  7. Thank you, TerraRaptor. Good advice. We will try.
  8. And who can? I feel some hopelessness from what is happening! P.S. Thanks for answering. It seemed that you are writing in the void.
  9. I recalled a joke. Doctor's appointment: - Doctor, you know, everyone ignores me. - All clear. Following!
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