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ROG MAXIMUS XI GENE I want to introduce Windows7

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3 hours ago, GTI-R said:

I'm sorry. I don't know what that means.

Boot Windows 10, put in your Win7 DVD or USB Stick, open Win7 Folder, click setup.exe -> install Win7

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After playing for a while with the Asus Maximus XI Gene I was able to install all USB drivers , 3.0 and 3.1 , so a fully functional Windows 7 x64 Ultimate with SP1. I did the same for a Slim version of Windows 7 x64 for benching and I thought to share them here in case someone needs either of the two and save some time and trouble with the USB drivers install. Hopefully these will help a few users which are still benching on Z390 platform , I added 2 screen shots , the first is for Win7 x64 Slim which has a lot of features removed and for this one I couldn't install Intel Management Engine Interface as it doesn't have some dll files and my knowledge is limited , but doesn't affect the benching scores , while the second is a full copy of Windows 7 x64 Ultimate with everything installed including the IMEI. Both backup images created with Acronis have only the drivers of the motherboard M11G installed including like I said both USB 3.0 and 3.1 , all other applications/programs are left for the user to decide. One note , when installing both I used MBR partition instead of GPT , otherwise Windows 7 Ultimate cannot be activated on GPT partitions.

The second file , Win7.x64Ult.Daily.M11G is somehow large @ 7.2 Gb size so I had to upload it to another site , if there is somebody that can host it permanently somewhere I would appreciate it because after 14 days the link will become unavailable. Here it is after I managed to upload to google drive , sorry for the delay --https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ALJ-ASUScrenZnwmkWgONNGjQXAzQg3G/view?usp=sharing

Win7.x64Ult.Slim M11G.png



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