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8700k and 9900k overclocking 5.3ghz

Broken APEX49

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5.3GHZ is impossible in my environment
CPU voltage up to 5.2GHZ is possible with 1.45V level, but beyond that
It becomes impossible even if the voltage is increased to 1.6V.
This is the same for both 8700K and 9900K
Is my setting bad or is it basically lacking power capacity?
Configuration is M / B XI GENE VGA RTX1060 PSU 850W
LLC canceled level 8 C state
CPU temperature stays below 90 degrees in Core Temp
Please advice

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What test/ benchmark are you doing?

Cinebench R15 you can pass easy settings AUTO. Manual cpu core.

8700K 5Ghz set 1.25 vcore

9900K 5Ghz set 1.3 vcore. Try for a pass on both. 


Expertise not known so I'm sorry there. 53x on 9900K 1.45v is quite normal. These guys here may have 54x same volts or better. Good luck :)

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  • Crew
On 9/13/2019 at 11:09 AM, GTI-R said:

The temperature does not exceed 90 degrees

the colder you get , the less volts it requires, that remains a basic rule

Recap:  you seem to surpass a sweet spot for your CPU, which means more volts are required for a smaller MHz gain... only way is either to find a better chip or drop temps drastically.

good tip from Avalanche: Try a less memory extensive benchmark like eg cinebench R11.5 or R15 to determine CPU speed scaling

I just fear you don't have gems CPUs there, great 9900Ks do 5.4 at way lesser voltages and stock AIO cooling....


Do NOT use big fonts anymore, way too agressive in a forum

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