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IDK what I'm DOING


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GA Z170-HD3P, w/ Intel 100 series / C230. I use this PC for Photoshop and Lightroom, I am looking for less lag time while processing photos ie: changing color, removing distractions, and doing countless photo editing.

I have run the Easy Tuner from the Gigabyte App center from 3.5GHz to 4.1GHz. IDK what that did, so I used the Intel Extreme Tuner moving the processor core from 35 to 41. 

Can anyone tell me what I did and can I do more? I may notice a slight change while working with photos but not sure.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Photo Build #1.2.docx

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crtl-alt-del -> task manager -> performance and watch cpu, ram, and disk usage, make it a point to check during processing.  If you are running 100% on CPU for long periods of time you need more cores, if you rarely see 100% you need more Mhz.   Watch memory usage to see if you go past 50%, if you hit 100% during certain functions you need more ram.

Tune your OS, remove restore and disk cache unless needed. remove all bloat.

But for hardware tinkering improvements, memory timing is important and low latency is your best friend.  Make sure you are using at least XMP memory settings.

Ramcache/primocache should/will help you.



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Right on and Thank you Fugger! I know just enough to understand what you are saying. I watched the performance while doing PS & LR for a few of the more demanding tasks and the CPU did hit 100% a few times but just for a second and the RAM never went past 60%. I will look into old restore points, disk cache and bloat next.  

Thanks again,


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