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Can't submit scores if I add GTX 460M

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As title say. I have an older Clevo laptop with i7-920 XM and Gtx 460M. 


I have posted bench results with my old Clevo notebook the last days. But early today I run into problems submit my results on Hwbot. When I add in my new graphics scores and then click on prepopulate fields by previous submission of my Cpu scores (done with same machine)... It takes a few seconds and the 500 error pop up.



I have also tried add same hardware specs manually, but same Error 500 happens after I click submit benchmark results. What can be done? I tried also later this evening but exactly the same problem.

Already tested with Edge/IE explorer  and same problem. Even tried submit my  scores from other computers. But same Error 500.


I have now tried another way to see what's wrong.  I changed cpu and gpu model (from my GTX 460M to GTX 465) with same scores and pictures and I could submit my results just fine. 



 When I edited back my score with the correct hardware (i7-920XM-GTX460M), the flaws come back. Same error 500. I can't post or edit results with GTX 460M.


I can edit to whatever graphics card model, and can submit scores from whatever hardware.... But not with my GTX460M.


I can't see there is anoter way than something in HWBOT database has to ber corrupted regarding GTX 460M submitting. Can some of you at Hwbot take a  look at this? I will be very glad this can be fixed so I can continue submit my new scores from this old computer.


English ain't my firs language but I hope you understand what I talk about.


Best regards and huge thanks.


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31 minutes ago, Mr. Fox said:

Hopefully, it is a simple fix and a moderator can address this for you, bro.

Thanks. I really hope it can be a simple fix. Because I have ready many new graphics card bench scores (3d scores) from my Clevo laptop and  460M. I narrowed it down to be GTX460M as the culprit (Hwbot servers can't accept the card for submitting). Submit Cpu benchmarks (2d) from i7-920XM worked well. But submit graphics benchmarks results with same cpu and 460M was a no go. I can put whatever cpu together with 460M but it doesn't help.

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