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Single Stage Service/Repair in the USA

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 I have a very small SS unit Mach 2 that was tuned and performing amazingly good ( 3D on 9900k @ 5965Mhz load no HT ). But after benching my i3 7530K for 8 hours one night it lost the performance and now it wont hold any loads at all :(  . It idles at -32 but it cannot hold any loads at all and it will crash when running my cpus :( , I’m very sad since LN2 it's very expensive here on the Island of Puerto Rico and the Dry Ice plant its an 8 hour drive round trip , so my real choice are Single Stages , Cascades and water chillers.

 Anyone knows who can service/repair this little tinny unit ? it s an old Mach 2 was tuned and regas long time ago to hold 300w loads. I need some help with this ss , i will really appreciate any help , guidance or tip on this matter. Thanks in advanced.


Kind Regards: Chispy

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I have a ID Cooling single phase change cooler full size pc case that I am selling for inexpesive. You may end up paying a few hundred to try to get these such units repaired by someone. I would say a a mininmum of 200 at least it will cost. I had my phase changer on my i9-9900k stable 5.6 all core under load with it not scrapping even close to 60 celsuis


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