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Official Challengers Round 2 design Thread:


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  • Crew

About time to get Round 2 started, this time focussed entirely on 3D.

Reminder it is for Single GPU cards only.


Challengers Intel legacy DIV VII, VIII and IX: GPU restriction to nVidia GTX680/770 or AMD 7970/R9 280X. 

Challengers for AMD legacy: GPU restriction to nVidia GTX680/770 or AMD 7970 /R9 280X. 

  • Aquamark 3
  • 3DMark01
  • 3DMark11 Entry GPU
  • 3dMark Cloudgate


Other Challengers no GPU restriction, but limiting processor clocks to create a bottleneck for powerful high end cards. Processor clock limitation will be a mere 3704MHz (yes it means  you might need to underclock big time)

  • 3DMark 01
  • 3DMark 06
  • 3Dmark Skydiver
  • Unigene Heaven Basic


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  • Crew
1 hour ago, cbjaust said:

Cool, when are you proposing to run this and for how long? As an aside I think three months is way too long for Cheapaz Round 1.

mid april till mid june

Yep but can't reduce Cheapaz now, was planned to to 3 rounds for that one too. Round 2 and 3 maybe reduce them to 2 months.


@Remarc, will add GTX 770 too, good idea.


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  • Crew

I see a lot of subs with HWinfo running, but not showing the info me and the rest of the moderators require

You can adjust the looks of HWinfo by either pressing the configuration cogwheel tab or by a right mouse click (on the opened HWInfo) and selecting the layout settings

This will after hiding a lot of  HWBot invaluable information (in my case up to 227 settings hidden) result in a smaller HWInfo window




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