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  1. Remarc

    error 504

    when i try see ddr3 statistic http://hwbot.org/hardware/memory/ddr3_sdram/ get error-Traffic jam! The HWBOT engine is currently overloaded.Error 504 We are experiencing too high load. Check back shortly!
  2. Remarc

    Frequency detection bug with old Socket 5 CPUs

    what the hell is going on here again?deleted my 3 result but nothing say to me and deleted 37 (Сarl!) result of many other people...people who use ln2 or dry ice, who was wasting their time, binning a lot of processors,who could or have already burned them cpu that would reach 350mhz or higher and then you take and delete everything,just like that...it epic face palm,why such disregard for people? me and others what to do now? cpu-z have bug?ok why did you allow this to be used? why you not allow some other program?you need validation? (cheaters everywhere) ok,why not write your program for old hardware?(gpupi,wrapper aquamark,x265 etc you can when you want) hwbot 2018 for any participant or it now fanclub w9 and them henchmen's but the other nobody and nothing? i watch,them like despotism,no democracy...no wonder they so aggressive every time.
  3. facepalm...as always happens, since it is easy to ban a person-just click one button
  4. ok made log but it not show anything related to saving the file
  5. right now I checked and not help 3.2.0 again get error when save,but 2.3.4 save datafile normal...
  6. I tried it right away and not work,when gpupi save to file get error and close
  7. the distribution of points according to the type of cooling,that the ln2/dry ice etc is did not compete with air/water
  8. 3 mounth ago s370 stage3 http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/osibs_s4r2/4195/wprime_-_32m and now s370 stage2 wprime 32m...why reiterate this?
  9. gpupi 3.0+ (3.2 actual) legacy not work with old x86 cpu (s423,478,754) that problem with hwinfo32.dll library (i think hwinfo32 not support old cpu) fix this issue or remove support hwinfo32.dll from gpupi 3.2 legacy (3.3 not yet tested but i think there will be the same problem)...version gpupi 2.3.4 legacy work fine because there is no hwinfo32.dll but hwbot no longer accepts this version