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  1. Remarc

    Weird login issue

    i have this problem too,it was almost a year ago and now appeared again
  2. @Kashtan thanks) @unityofsaints exactly) @flanker 1,44v ,added photo
  3. @flankeryes,i always use air,got very good cpu ) @Redwoodz thanks)
  4. cb20 with benchmate get error Invalid data file: Unable to parse the datafile v.10.0.5 not correct save result file on win7
  5. to M1RROR this bench is one big bug and very strange why has not it been removed yet
  6. add pls gigabyte ga-ep43-ds3lr http://valid.x86.fr/mb2tmh
  7. 5630mhz! apparently beginning to emerge more successful cpu samples)
  8. "Cinebench - R20 with BenchMate" "Geekbench4 - Multi Core with BenchMate" what is that?
  9. 7nm but freq the same to 12nm,i expected 6000mhz in cb,it is strange...but still Ryzen power)
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