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I have done the repairs on XS database, fixed the broken, renewed all the ad spots, asked staff to come back, and I am receiving manufacturer support like never before.  As part of my returning XS to active after 3 years of the forums being essentially closed I also evaluated a bit outside my play pen to see where else I can and should help and this is why I am offering my support to hwbot and matt.

If hwbot or Matt need files hosted, I can and I will.  

I will add a link to hwbot  and benchmate today to my header next to Super Pi Mod link on XS forum pages.

If you wish to promote links to bot threads from XS that will help traffic here.

I am not sure what going on with search engine optimization on hwbot but I have 800 online and bot has 10 (and they are members) XS has not been an active database in years, hence my suspicion of SEO being the culprit to people finding this forum data.

Anything at all in my ability, please ask as I am doing this to help us all.

I hope that bot accepts my support.

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After watching the new activity here is seems you have a spammer registration problem and I am not sure if you are sorting them by hand or what but it seems like a lot of the regs are fake accounts.

I modified my registration script to charge $1 via paypal and this seems to be working great.  Mythical recently tested my scripts to confirm.  That being said, I wil reduce my $1 fee to to maybe 10 cents, I bet the spammers still wont do it yet give more access to people who don't want to spend a dollar.  I don't need the dollar but this front line shows me what the spammers are not willing to do.

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