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[USA-AL] 4933c14/4133c12 B-Die, Z170MOCF


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All prices that I list include the cost of insured shipping within the US. I will pay PayPal Goods and Services fees myself. I can ship outside of the US. I am willing to do bundles or take offers, and interested in better memory and comet lake hardware.

All testing was done on a Z390 Dark, delidded 8700k, NH-D9L, and ~25-30°C ambients.

1. First up is a z170m ocf. Original box and all accessories included. It appears that it may have been coffee lake modded in the past but whatever was done is removed. I don't see any bent or burned pins in the socket. Both bios chips have the original bios on them.



2. Next up is a kit of OCWC2016 B-Die. They were originally owned by Splave and made their way to me. One SPD was flashed to F4-4133C19D-16GTZA by him for quad-channel compatibility, apparently. They do 4133 12-11 gb3 at 1.99vdimm and 0.923vtt.



3. Last are 2 pairs of F4-4266C19D-16GTZR. Both are from week 7, 2017 and have close production numbers. I was able to get both to run sp1m at 4933 14-13 with 2.11vdimm and no vtt tweaking. They show some scaling up to 2.19vdimm but are difficult to get stable at any XOC settings. Lower ambient temps or a more knowledgeable user would do these sticks some good. They also work well for daily, with 4000 15-16 1t tight stable.





1. $250 $225 Sold at $200 to @Kona64

2. $200 $180 $170 $160 USD

3. $220 $200 $190 USD per pair, $400 $380 $360 Sold at $330 for both to @Splave

I am willing to sell the Z390 Dark and 8700k mentioned above but I don't know where to price them. If you're interested in either PM me.

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