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HELP! I'm gettin' turrican'ed - a tribute to hw-masters-league :)


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As it was going to be a bit boring in OC-League (hanging around TOP70-100 constantly, but without steady LN2 supply no way to do better) I had an eye on the hw-league during the last months.

It is getting a bit too less attention if you ask me.

There are great guys pushing all kinda hardware to the limits which can be much harder than just waiting 6 minutes for a sandy to finish 32 on air. some older or exotic hardware never was build for overclocking but they still manage to increase clocks on all kinda mobile chips, gpus and old cpus. also having the right driver for old gpus is important. with new hardware simply use the newest and you are mostly fine but not so with old one.

Today I looked a bit around and collected all the GPUs that found the way into my panicroom during the last weeks. the first thing that came into my mind:

"Damn sh1t, I'm turrican'ed" :D






And here some CPUs ^^




Even I have not that less hardware flying around here there are many guys with much more hardware-points...that truely shows their dedication to OC and a continues work for results.

Follow the TOP100 hw-masters always - it's damn good OC-entertainment!



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