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RTX BIOS with modded frequencies possible?

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Technically, this is not about overclocking, but I figured I'd ask here anyway. I got a batch of dead GPUs. Some seem more dead than others, and I suspect that some of them have faulty VRAM. Once in a while I find cards that run less unstable when underclocking the memory, which is not important for my use anyway (Folding@Home). So, the question is, are there people out there who could modify RTX 20x0 BIOSes to run the VRAM, say, on half speed compared to stock? if I could get a couple of them to run reasonably well, I'd be very happy.

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4 hours ago, chispy said:

Hola my old friend :) , on RTX 2xxx series graphics card there is no way to modify the Bios as it is locked completely and there was never a Bios editor for such cards because of Bios locked. Good to see you online again !


Kind Regards: Angelo

would a hardware programmer be able to bypass these restrictions?

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