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IvanCupa - DDR4 SDRAM @ 2450MHz - 8162 points Geekbench3 Memory Performance Single Core


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Here The video verification for run variation. 3 Consecutive run w/o affinity. Not the best score submitted, but within 1-2% from the highest submitted.
Score on the video still eligible for #1 in this stage. ?

For the tweaks & behavior you can learn from the top 9 G.Skill OCWC 2019 Online Qualifier here: https://hwbot.org/competition/gskill_ocworldcup_2019_online_qualifier/stage/4536_geekbench_3_memory_performance_single_core
Tweaks is known for long, I learned & start using this since around 2017 on various Gigabyte online competition back years. AOCT too, etc.

And here the SS of my GB3 Mem SC stage validation, in my GB3 Account. Marked in the box is score for G.Skill OCWC 2019 Online Qualifier, the others are for this compo.. You can check the score pattern.
Hope this is clear.
@Leeghoofd @speed.fastest

Screenshot_2020-10-25 IvanCupa's Profile - Geekbench Browser.jpg

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