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Reporting tool need a change

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May I suggest that the report submission tool is changed slightly. 

Wrong hardware

Need more proof

are both valid

then then third one should simply be

Other issues.

I guess until proven guilty everyone is considered non cheaters ?  Thus to have the possibility to mark someone a cheater already in the reporting tool gives the impression that the reporting individual is becoming accuser, judge and executioner in one.




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  • Crew

It's not that when a user reports your score you are automatically convicted. From the moment the moderator steps in and analyses the score, there are 3 options. Either the scores gets approved, requires more proof or will be removed. Also if you are in a team the Team Captain will also be advised and he can act as a first line of defence. 

Now, like with the memory score of 7Ghz, this particular score got pulled as companies already had their marketing machine in full motion. If Hwbot leaves a score up it automatically means it's approved and checked for them. 

Also if you score insanely high, it's up to the individual to sometimes self reflect: like why am I up in the ranking in between other scores achieved at far higher clocks? 


Maybe the choice of words in the report page needs to be changed. We will have a look at this. 

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