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Forks - Phenom II X4 960T BE @ 6180MHz - 2.113 fps HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 4k


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7 hours ago, cnzdrn said:

Very nice score. This chip seems really strong!

Helped him bench and bin, and can say was top 2 out of 10 from china. Dunno if the other chip is better for x265 as we binned on r15. This should be about the max clockwise you can get. Mem and nb pushed about as far as can go, maybe subtimings could go a little tighter but don't know if it's enough to change score and didn't really rerun much as it's 15m bench. 

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8 hours ago, cnzdrn said:

I bin a lot of them, without luck. Best chip has imc coldbug and run r15 6160 x5... My best chip can't do better than yours, maybe I will try a crosshair in the future and see if chip gains something

Yeah, I usually start with imc at 800 and work up for that reason. Mem and especially cpunb help but core is king. Dunno if there's any useful information here and it's a bit messy but here's basically all the data I've recorded for binning on am3 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16J4XStjGzraN0VhfVXPXNSZswKIRNg_2s4LIrfKxadI/edit?usp=sharing

Also found that x265 is very hard on some chips, my 555 clocks amazing for wprime and r15, but no matter the voltages set it can't break 5.8 x265 even on trex pot. Whereas that 960t does probably only 100-200mhz more r15 than x265.

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3 hours ago, Brutek said:

Wow, very strong. I dont have luck with Chips from china. At least, i bought 4 pieces from germany, in January i will test them. Keep it up fork

in US can't really get any from other places, and tbh I suspect that most of the oem only skus came from china originally. What I do find interesting is that 565, 570, 970, 975, and 980 on ebay almost exclusively come from eastern europe.

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