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  1. Hey Guys, the Vcore Limit is at 1.54v Is there any posibility to push it for LN2? i thought about Bios Modding, but don`t found something. Thanks Mark
  2. Ist was gemoddet oder das Originale Bios. 1160Mhz ist echt stark.
  3. Cascade -85 Stand By -78 idle 4.95Ghz 1.235v core ht on -69 load Coretemp shows -5° idle. Load is differntly Sometimes it crashes at 30° sometimes at 60° This Cascade is better for lga 115x Lga 2066 is to hot ;)
  4. Very nice. Awesome update. This is cool. But in my opinion should this run be out of competition. Cause cpu runs out of specifications.
  5. Hat für Platz 1 mit gutem Abstand auf die zwei gereicht. Gute Arbeit.
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