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TASOS - Core i7 5775C @ 4500MHz - 6min 41sec 609ms SuperPi - 32M


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2 minutes ago, MetalRacer said:

Rules say CPUZ version 1.94 or newer.

CPUZ tab for CPU and memory (V1.94+)

I dont see that ?

https://hwbot.org/competition/Challenger 2021 Div VII round 1/stage/5183_superpi_-_32m



  • Only use processors using socket LGA2011-3, LGA2011 socket, LGA1366 socket, LGA1156 socket, LGA1155 socket, LGA1150 socket.
  • Xeons CPUs allowed. No dual socket CPU setups.
  • Max clock/cache speed of 4505Mhz monitored by BenchMate or HWinfo32/64 readout (running in the background during the run)
  • A full screen verification screenshot is required incl. CPUZ CPU, Memory & Mobo tab. No clipping, the taskbar needs to be visible.
  • Plz attach a picture of your overclocked setup.
  • Mandatory usage of the official competition background: https://i.postimg.cc/8P1cFysp/2021-Challengers-Round1.jpg


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3 minutes ago, MetalRacer said:

I know it sucks but the rules are the rules.

You didnt answer my question.


I see you already reported my result , good for you.

You will get higher in the competition ranking (you deserved it ).


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26 minutes ago, MetalRacer said:

Yes but CPUZ still needs to comply with the bencmark rules.

Not a must. That is more to separate seasonal points rather than anything else (new cpuz version for every season). TASOS can disable points for this submission if your concern is that he will obtain higher ranking in 2021 season.

PS. Background also clearly indicates that it is a result from 2021? 

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18 hours ago, TerraRaptor said:

Don't be another liq_met

liq_met is probably doing it for fun ....

MetalRacer is doing this , because it is the right thing to do.



Did i say congrats to MetalRacer for finally getting the No2 spot in this Round 1 ?

Congrats MetalRacer.


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