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Aegia PhysX Vs nV drivers


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Am I right in saying that 3rd-party Aegia cards are still allowed in HWB and FM leaderboards? Is there a reliable way of telling if someone has used one or the other? :)




This might be a mute point as a few forum threads are saying Aegia solution= painful :P but hey...it cant hurt to know :D


Having said that...theres PCI-E x1 versions around as well as PCI...would the interface make much difference? PCI even kills an FX5200 compared to AGP so...y'know... :)

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The reason why PhysX is disallowed is not because it's a Nvidia-only thing, it's because the cpu tests are affected by hardware that is not the cpu. As Ageia cards are also 'hardware not equal to cpu', it affecting the cpu test scores in Vantage is not approved, ergo not allowed to be used.

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