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eviledeath - 315 integrated (SiS 650/651/740) @ 210/220MHz - 207 marks 3DMark03


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@ Antinomy , I have no bug on this result, however, I had some artifacts during the benchmarks, yes, I have done the test several times already. On 3d mark 2001 for example these very unstable at this frequency of 420Mhz and beyond that does not happen at all. I saw that your IGP took you a lot more Mhz. Make a video? I don't already have much time if I have to go up the config and make a video, these a waste of time for me. Especially since it did not ask anywhere to have to make a video to justify a score.
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7 hours ago, eviledeath said:

I saw that your IGP took you a lot more Mhz.

Not only mine. Your score is way out of line, about twice higher than most others. And given it's run at almost stock it looks like too high for such clocks. If it weren't a bug, you'd have crazy eff in 2001 too. And you'd have around 197 points in 03 with stock 133/400 FSB/MEM which seems unrealistic given all scores for SiS 651/661. Just my opinion, I think mods will sort this out.

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