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Obijuan83 - Celeron 300MHz (Covington, Slot 1) @ 558MHz - 5min 39sec 720ms wPrime - 32m


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Nice job Obi !!!



Looking at those category results (Slot-1 Celeron Convigton core) , what got my attention was @RemiKo results

All of his submitted results with the same? cpu , report a dB0 stepping and a 652 cpuid ... which belong to either a PII Deschute core or a PII Mobile Celeron (Convigton)

Regular Celeron Convigton cores are dA0 650 or dA1 651

@Leeghoofd @Antinomy

Did we , on purpose left that category unified for both desktop and mobile cpu's ?

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2 hours ago, TASOS said:

which belong to either a PII Deschute core or a PII Mobile Celeron (Convigton)

There's been a bug back in the days when a P2 with disabled cache was identified as a Celly. This has led to fake categories like Celeron 350 (FSB100) and so on. This bug has been reported by me to Franck and CPU-Z got fixed (I had screenshots with fixed and non-fixed versions and can say when this happened, IIRC, around 2009). And Turrican deleted those fake categories. But some results remained erroneous.

You can PM me with links, I'll throw them where they belong (P2 despite disabled cache).

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