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Engineering Sample or unreleased hardware


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All submission on retail processors from XTU version (White Gui) and even the Beta 2.0 we tested are all flagged by the XTU datafile as Engineering Sample or Unrelased Hardware. if you have an older CPU like a 9900K you can perfectly test and confirm our findings. I am no programmer so I have no clue why the detection is correct in XTU ( at least that is what is claimed by the XTU team) but the generated Datafile that is read out by HWBOT tells the opposite.


The above example of the API readout is for a Retail i9-9900K CPU. Test the same retail CPU with the newer White Gui version and it will flag it as an engineering sample... 

We have provided more than enough data to the XTU team but it seems like a dead end, hardly any reply on the matter...

Just for your info we even did reverse engineering at HWBOT UAT server and changed our ES field of the API.  Result is ofcourse that all submissions on the newer XTU are than approved, but it will flag all the other submissions on older XTU versions as  ES or Unreleased hardware. We just wanted to prove our point, HWBOT API doesn't decide anything, it just reads the Datafile and labels the processor accordingly.

I feel we can't win this one. Only possible option I see is to remove the engineering sample field, but it should not be our job to provide a fix or workarounds. 




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