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9 hours ago, VooDooMan-X said:

It's the fastest single socket 370 solution for Tualatin CPUs

Hey, I've read your thread several years ago and it's great! Nice to see you here.
Here's a nice link about it (German, use a translator): http://tualatin.de/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=1940

I've been thinking of a similar test but then I've seen yours. Any plans to test i840 and maybe Serverset III LE, HE-SL, HE?

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Thanks guys! I am glad to be here, but some things are still confusing to me, I need more time to get used to it :) Yes, this ECS is crappy, but the chipset itself has a huge potential... I wish there were more motherboards with SiS635T but there aren't so I had to stick to this one and make the best of it :) I've used information from that German site at the start of this project. Well, If only I hade those dual socket 370 boards at home I would include them in that "Fastest socket 370 mobo" but I don't have any, and the chances are low that I will find anything soon... When it comes to SiS 635T I still need to work on the timings to reach 2-2-2-5... and the worst part is rewriting the BIOS - nobody wants to do it, and I don't have enough knowledge... After that I want to reach 200 MHz - That would be awesome considering that there are proper AGP/PCI dividers at 200 FSB :)
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  • Crew
18 hours ago, VooDooMan-X said:

I need more time to get used to it

If you need any help, just ask. You can PM me ;) would be nice to see more activity from Vogons team (which exists on HWBot) since they've done many nice projects like fastest 486 and others. Fastest socket 7 and 370 I believe are yet to be figured out.

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