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kicsipapucs - GeForce GTX 770 @ 1489.4/2203.2MHz - 177136 marks 3DMark03


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It was just a joke regarding toilet->poo... However the session really was painful: 1. The card developed an issue like 40 mins in, after which it started artifacting instantly as soon as I applied my volts with Classfied tool. 2. Restart wasn't an option because the card didn't get detected if I just remply reset the PC, so had to flick psu off, power down and start back up. 3. Z590 DARK after power loss does a full power cycle before training, takes extra 15-20 seconds. So like trying 2-3 times to find out why it froze from voltage took me 40 mins and I just got fed up with its bullshit. I was also freezing like fuck and luumi can beat my chilled water temps with his room loop, so it was not a pleasant experience at all.
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