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andressergio - Core i9 12900K @ 5200MHz - 50.79 CB Cinebench - R11.5 with BenchMate


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4 hours ago, shar00750 said:

This stage is for g7400 only

Sorry mate, long time i don't bench and never used benchmate i was testing and hit the button as it told me this:

Thanks for submitting! You might want to participate in a running competition with this submission. The hardware you used matches the following competitions:

I submitted a new one and check the image please it allows me to enter the competition despite not being the required cpu: 


All the Best, Sergio.



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3 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

I dleted the sub, also lacked 2 CPUZ tabs, not sure whats goign on but Andre was before very precise, seems he's all over the place now...

Hi Al, how are you bro? Sorry, as i told shar00750 long time i don't bench and never used Benchmate, as you can see i attached the proof, i submitted a new score with all rules and still says that i can participate even having a different cpu. You are righ and i'm sorry again, my first tests didn't have some CPU-Z screens, sadly there hundreds of scores above me in ALL benchmarks without them.

All the best, Sergio.

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