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How to prepare inside socket (Z790 MSI carbon wifi) for thermocouple?

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I recently bought a MSI z790 carbon wifi and it has a hole in the cpu socket. I read its for a thermocouple so have ordered another one from KPC and wish to try it out next dry ice session. My question is do I need to prepare it in any special way or just insert? There are components inside cpu socket and also on the 12600k and I think the metal tip of the thermocouple will short out these components possibly finishing my MB and/or CPU ?. Im going to use some LET and gasket maker on the board but I should not go inside the socket right?



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I would not put a thermocoupler in the socket through that hole. Just connect it close to the bottom of your Ln2 pot? Like you see on the Kingpin pots. you will need to fully insulate the bottom of the Mothboard under the CPU. Its simply to risky that the components on the CPU get damaged or short circuited. As long as your mounting of the DICE pot is tight and you have relevant thermal compound in between what you will read is very close to what temp is on the surface of CPU.

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@MatsglobetrotterHey thanks for that, was a nice read.  Do you still think you need to insulate the inside of CPU socket, if so, whats the best way? I'm thinking if I do indeed do something a once and permanent technique is best. Cant really get eraser or Vaseline out anyway and must be extremely careful of the socket pins so either more gasket maker or something like the nail polish technique they recommend for coating smds when delidding/pasting with conductonaut.

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i personally normally dont do anything inside the socket directly under CPU or on the CPU itself. So far i have not had issues but that is never a guarantee ? Though if i was to do anything it would have been liquid electrical tape. I spoilt too many Mbs with Eraser as it is difficult yo get out once among the  pins.

Dont use nailpolish as it has high potential to crack.  For the vaseline while sticky so a mess to deal with if you use denatured alcohol you can completely disolve it without any visible signs after. (that is if you ever want to get it out.)

Whatever you choose just make sure you do not after going subzero with dry ice or anything leave the CPU in socket once the session is over. it will be important to ensure any after action condensation has a good chance of drying out.

There are more advice and posts on all these matters here on HWbot so look around. nothing is final in terms of process thus no perfect solution. you have to try what works best, carefully ?

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