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Eisbaer798 - Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3999.9MHz - 10min 56sec 625ms SuperPi - 32M


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I also tried TerraRaptor's sick suicite Rex settings.

But my P5E3 only reached a maximum RAM clock of 1040MHz ?

I achieved a time of 11m18.515sek. (without Wazza)



If nothing helps, the Rex has to fight ?



But with this I had massive performance problems!

For comparison, here is the Rex 1040MHz Ram clock score: 11m25.516sec.

Rex @1040mem

7sec. missing?!?!?!?

After two days of trying, I finally could make TerraRaptor's settings run!

But the performance didn't fit here either!

@4gig/533/1066/x7.5 11m09.922sec.


I use the same hardware as with the P5E3, have already tested three different XP installations and just can't get close to the good P5E3 times.

P5E3 and Rex @ Water / Ram @ Air


Do you have any advice for me?




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Yes its strange...I can't remember exactly wich Clock twister i used. But mine that it was set to moderate. But do you think it really makes that much of a difference? I was able to set the Common Performance Level to 5 with the rex and 6 with the P5E3. Chipset temperature should be fine. Both boards are delidded, sanded and re-glued. In the Bios, the Rex show me a chipset temperature of 27°C with default Voltage and 30°C with OC voltage (1,74v NB)

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Just asking questions as there should be smth completely wrong elsewhere. Aida64 bandwidth/latency would give some insight for sure.

10.56.xxx is still below expectations for these clocks/timings for a proper run, even with very bad waza. 

As a stupid idea - if I overtighten smth like tWRRD board may drop the channel. But stupid cpuz may then still show dual channel and 4gb. Maybe that's your case? 




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Yes, i think AIDA will help me to further the error. But first I have to rebuild the Rex System.?

I've already dismantled it and am about to test a new P5E3. ?

Can you tell me your timings that you have set? Gladly also via PM. ?‍♂️

I think I stuck to Luumi's video for the Ram settings. ?


@Luumi Thank you for your great videos!

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