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Core i7 940 extreme cpu


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hi all


i wanted to compete to some core i7 940 extreme scores, but figured out, the cpu is only ES, not available to buy officially....


so why the cpu is listed in hwbot?


thanks for explanation.


(btw: this request has nothing to do with the people who published the scores - trust me: its nothing about you - im just curious how people should compete with you)

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i understand totally, that results made by an i7 940 extreme cpu cannot be counted for the non extreme version of this cpu.

so far, so long....


but i dont understand that there is a category existing for a piece of hardware, which will never be possible to purchase - thats my point of view.


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Because the 940 Extreme has the unfair advantage of having an unlocked mulitplier. It would be unfair to those who have a retail 940 when both locked an unlocked are placed in the same category


I don't want to do offtopic, but this criteria doesn't apply to AMD processors.


AMD64 X2 5000+ and 5000+ Black edition



AMD64 X2 5400+ and 5400+ Black edition


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I'm afraid, it doesn't like that:



Brishbane 5000+ Normal

http://wheretobuy.amd.com/prodinfo/1147806.html?price_tab (click more info to see details)


Brishbane 5000+ BE

http://wheretobuy.amd.com/prodinfo/1014442.html?price_tab (click more info to see details)


Windsor 5000+ Normal

http://wheretobuy.amd.com/prodinfo/1012831.html?price_tab (click more info to see details)


And about 5400+



Brishbane 5400 Black Edition



Brishbane 5400 Normal



Windsore 5400 normal



This is actually true. The question is if the unlocked multi actually helps, the LITTLE experience I have with Brisbanes is that they have some kind of temp limit which is not HTT related, I wouldn't be too shocked if these chips can do more than 300 HTT all the way down to the "critical temperature". I can try to investigate this in a couple of weeks, a friend of mine has a decent 5000+ BE.

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ok, good answer - respect.


but nobody can buy this chip at the moment.

what happens, if the i7 940 extreme will never be released...


then 3 people who own this cpu at the moment will stay on top of this category for their life..... ;)


I don't see the problem here. Is it unfair to have a rare CPU and get like 2.4 points for it? As long as the HW points depends on the number of submissions there really is no problem at all.


Removing these kind of rare chips would "force" the users to post them in other categories where they don't belong. 940 extreme belongs then in the 940 category. And then they stay on top of that one for their life, with 15 instead of 2.4 points;)

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