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[WTB][EU] Single stage evaporator |not needed anymore|


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Hello all, 

I built my first single stage and it works. Now I have another compressor I got as a gift and I don`t want to part out my single stage. 

I know and I talked to bartx he can make me an evaporator, but its too much for me to spend for science. I already have a single stage and cascade so I don't want to spend too much. 

Fugger already talked to me and he is willing to gift me an evaporator but we need to sort out shipping and he is from US so I will have to deal with customs costs. 

So I opened up this thread if there is maybe somebody in EU with evaporator for sale? So I have more options.

Used, with/without mounting I don't care just low price is all I need ;) .


EDIT 17.3.2023, I only got one offer but never with a price with shipping so I disassembled my original single stage, replaced the captube with 0.8mm and compressor with a rotary. That`s it, I will not make another because I don`t need it.  


Thanks, Blaz (Slovenia) 


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