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[Appraisal] binned intel chips


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I got some older hardware laying around I was thinkin of getting rid of. Some 6700k, 4770k, 4790k. I don't really remember their bins, just that they were very good and LN2 binned.

One of the 6700k had a sticky note with  50@1.385v  51@ 1.455 and 4.9 CB@1.385

All binned by well known people like Splave or Alex@RO



I might hold onto the 4790k, I got rid of all my excess hardware for PSC LN2 fun so that’s the only chip that I have for playing around at c6 2800.

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4 hours ago, TAXN said:

didnt that guy alex just scam someone with a z690 board?

All this was purchased over 5 years ago, he was legit back then, unfortunate if he did scam someone. Would be surprising with all the business I did with him.



@SparkysAdventurelooks like I didn’t really bench the 4770k I have to retest it or atleast get it’s base VID

That I think was my first z-board chip so I am not 100% that that one is binned so I am just gonna sell that for cheap/going base 4770K price

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 I really don't have any bench settings. This stuff hasn't been touched since it was relevant... Mmmm.... I was gonna try n just sell it for less, but I am not in a super big rush, I supposed I can hold onto it until I can get around to filling my tank and have another go with them... OOOF... Gonna have to insulate my OCF or RoG hero(yuck)

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